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Canyon Creek Raw Water Intake Pump Chamber Upgrade Initiative

Construction will commence at the MD's Canyon Creek Water Treatment Plant Raw Water Intake Pumping Station at lake shore in early September.

Starting on or about September 5, construction will begin at the MD’s Canyon Creek Water Treatment Plant Raw Water Intake Pumping Station at the lake shore.

The purpose of this project is to upgrade the existing intake equipment at the lake shore with state-of-the-art technology, ensuring the reliability of the water supply for the treatment plant. The work will involve the use of excavation equipment, with trucks transporting out the old earth materials and bringing in new ones, while crews work on replacing the equipment.

While there are no planned road closures in the area, we kindly request the public to show respect towards the workers and prioritize safety by reducing their speed within the construction zone and adhering to all the signage. There will be no interruption to the potable water supply during this construction.

The Canyon Creek Water Treatment Plant project is expected to take approximately two months to complete. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding throughout this period.

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