Flood Recovery

Flood recovery guidance and resources.

Afer a flood has affected your property, it's hard to know where to start. Please refer to this section for general guidance, contact information and downloadable resources as you work to recover your property and effects.

Dealing with more than you can handle? Call the 24-hour confidential mental health hotline at 1.877.303.2642.

Here are a few initial first steps you should take post-flood:

  • Take pictures of: all damaged items before you throw anything away or make any repairs
  • Take pictures of the inside and outside of your property
  • Contact your insurance company and open a claim
  • Begin clean-up and repair work
  • Record all of the time you spend cleaning up and making repairs
  • Keep copies of all receipts for clean-up, repairs, and replacement of damaged property
  • Ask for a letter from your insurance company indicating your insurance coverage and any exclusions — if a Disaster Recovery Program is approved in your community, this will be required as part of your application

Following a flooding event, the MD normally pursues disaster recovery program funding. If funding is approved, affected residents can apply for financial assistance. Visit The Alberta Health Services website for more post-flood resources and recommendations.

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