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In keeping with the MD's mandate to engage citizens, polls and surveys are conducted periodically to gauge public opinion on important regional matters. Some polls are just for fun — like the MD Moments photo contest. Explore recent MD polling and public engagement initiatives below.

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Smith Vision Details

Smith Bridge Infographic

Click Here to download an infographic that unpacks key opportunities and challenges related to the Smith Bridge.

Surveys generally occur prior to a development or initiative contemplated by Lesser Slave River Council as a simple and cost-effective way to gauge public sentiment. Contests, on the other hand, are geared toward fostering community interaction while showcasing our region's rugged-and-real character to the world at large. As they occur, you'll find these types of opportunities within this section.

Please note that contests requiring the submission of photos, essays or other original content are noncommercial in nature, and are intended solely as goodwill endeavours. Please review our Site Use Policy for more details in this regard.


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