Contest Terms & Conditions

Rules for submissions, voting and verification

Thinking of taking part in the MD Moments photo contest — either by submitting your photos or voting for your favourites? Take a moment to review the basic ground rules in this section.

General Rules of Entry

Thinking of taking part in the MD Moments photo contest — either by submitting your photos or voting for your favourites? Take a moment to review the basic ground rules.

Who Can Enter

The MD Moments Photo Contest is open to anyone who lives within the borders of Lesser Slave River, including residents of Sawrige First Nation and the Town of Slave Lake.

How to Enter

Eligible Contestants who during the Contest Period post a photo as an entry into the MD Moments Photo Contest will automatically be entered into the Contest. Entrants can enter up to five (5) photos. Only one prize per winning entrant will be awarded.

Without limiting any other portion of these Rules, the MD reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to disqualify any entrant should entrant’s submission be incomplete, not meet all requirements of these official Rules, or contains inappropriate or offensive content. The MD is not responsible for late, lost, misdirected, delayed, incomplete or incompatible Entries (all of which are void).

Entries are to be a digital photograph and submitted electronically online via the Submission page located at Your photo must be in accordance with the specific requirements listed below, and must depict subject matter within the Lesser Slave River region. To be eligible, your entry must be received prior to midnight on November 5, 2023. After this date, all eligible Entries will be posted online for bublic viewing and voting.

The size of your photo counts

Keep the Resolution High

To be eligible to win, your photos need to be high resolution (roughly 10" x 8" at 300 DPI). Many photos look great on a tablet or computer screen, but won't stand up in print. Review more photo submission tips.

Photo Submission Requirements

By participating in the MD Moments Photo Contest, each entrant agrees that their submissions comply with all conditions stated in the rules below.

By submitting an entry, each entrant agrees that the Entry complies with all conditions stated in these Rules.

Your submitted Photo must never have been previously exhibited publicly outside of this Contest or selected as a winner in any other contest. To be eligible for entry in this Contest, the Photo must meet the following specific requirements:

  • TYPE: Photo
  • FORMAT: .jpg or .png

Content alteration of digital files is not acceptable; including combining multiple photos, and tonal or colour corrections.  Borders, frames, text or other graphic treatments are not permitted.

Any Photo that the MD deems, in its sole discretion, to violate the terms and conditions set forth in these Rules may be removed from the Website. The MD reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to edit or modify any Photo, or to request an entrant to modify or edit his/her Photo, in order to ensure that the Photo complies with these Rules, or for any other reason.

Image Usage Rights

By entering the Contest and submitting the Photo, each entrant:

  1. Grants to the MD, in perpetuity, a world-wide, non-exclusive license to publish, display, reproduce, modify, edit or otherwise use the Entry, in whole or in part, for advertising or promoting the Municipal District of Lesser Slave River or for any other reason;
  2. Waives all moral rights in and to his/her Photo in favour of the MD; and
  3. Agrees to release and hold harmless the MD and its respective agents, employees, directors, successors, and assigns against any and all claims based on publicity rights, defamation, invasion of privacy, copyright infringement, trade-mark infringement or any other intellectual property related cause of action.

For greater certainty, the MD and/or the Contest Parties reserve the right, in its/their sole discretion, to modify, edit or remove any Entry, or to request an entrant to modify or edit his/her Entry, if a complaint is received with respect to the Entry, or for any other reason.

By participating in the Contest, each entrant agrees to be bound by these Official Rules (the “Rules”) and by the interpretation of these Rules by the MD, and further warrants and represents that his/her Photo:

  • is original to him/her and that the entrant has all necessary rights (including, without limitation, consent of the photographer) in and to the Photo to enter the Contest;
  • does not violate any law, statute, ordinance or regulation;
  • does not contain any reference to or likeness of any identifiable third parties, unless consent has been obtained from all such individuals and their parent/legal guardian if they are under the age of majority in their jurisdiction of residence (Note: if you cannot obtain the consent of an individual appearing in your Photo, then his/her face must be blurred out);
  • will not give rise to any claims of infringement, invasion of privacy or publicity, or infringe on any rights and/or interests of any third party, or give rise to any claims for payment whatsoever; and is not defamatory, trade libelous, pornographic or obscene, and further that it will not contain, depict, include, discuss or involve, without limitation, any of the following:
    • Nudity;
    • Explicit, graphic or excessive sexual activity;
    • Crude, vulgar or offensive language andor symbols;
    • Derogatory characterizations of any ethnic, racial, sexual or religious groups;
    • e) Content that endorses, condones or discusses any illegal, inappropriate or risky activity, behaviour or conduct;
    • f) Personal information of individuals, including without limitation, names and addresses (physical or e-mail);
    • g) Conduct or other activities in violation of these Rules;
    • h) Commercial messages, comparisons or solicitations for products or services other than those of the MD;
    • i) Any identifiable third party products andor trade-marks, brands or logos. For example, any clothing worn by persons appearing in a Photo must not contain any visible logos, trade-marks or other third party materials, unless the necessary permissions/licenses have been obtained; and
    • j) Any other content that is or could be considered inappropriate, unsuitable or offensive, all as determined by the MD in its sole discretion.

Ground Rules on Voting

Between November 6 and November 15, 2023, you're invited to view all the submissions at and vote for your favourites. Review the rules below for voting.

Contest Period

The MD Moments Photo Contest begins on Monday, October 2, 2023 and ends on Wednesday, November 15, 2023. From October 2, 2023 until November 5, 2023, photo entries can be submitted via From November 6, 2023 until November 15, 2023, all eligible submissions will be posted to for the public to view and vote for their favourites.

Voting Period

The photo contest voting period is between November 6, 2023 and midnight on November 15, 2023. During this timeframe, votes can be cast by visiting On this page, users can view all the photos that were submitted in accordance with the submission requirements.

A vote is cast when a user clicks the heart icon to the bottom left of a given photo.

Eligible Voters

The Photo Contest Entry Phase is open to the residents of the Municipal Distruict of Lesser Slave River. This includes MD employee, residents of the Town of Slave Lake, and residents of Sawrige First Nation. The Photo Contest Voting Phase is open to the general public. Any public user who visits may vote for the photo(s) of their choice.

Voting Irregularities

Users may only vote for the same photo once every six hours (based on IP address and device fingerprint detection) to discourage unfair repetitive voting practices.

Vote tallies will be periodically monitored throughout the Photo Contest. Any voting irregularities will be flagged, and excessive votes from one IP address and/or device will be removed accordingly.

Without limiting any other portion of these Rules, the MD reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to disqualify any entrant should votes be deemed invalid.

Winner Verification and Announcement

Winners will be determined by online vote tally, in addition to compliance with contest submission requirements.

Analysis and Verification of Top-Voted Photos

The first determinant of a winning photo is how many votes it receives between November 6 and November 15, 2023 — but it is not the sole determinant. The top 13 highest-voted photos must also be examined to ensure they meet the minimum photo eligibility requirements. Any photo that fails to meet image quality thresholds will be discarded. If this happens, the next most popular photo in line will be considered. This process will continue until there are 13 verified winners.
MD administration offices are open from Monday to Friday between 8:15am and 4:30pm.
Main Office: Box 722 - 3000, 15th Ave SE, Slave Lake, AB
T:780.849.4888  F:1.866.449.4888
Sub-office: 660061 Range Road 20, Flatbush, AB
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