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The MD Moments Photo Contest is a great way for Leser Slave River locals to showcase their photography skills while competing for one of the 13 top positions. To make the most of the contest and increase your chances of winning, take a moment to review the following answers to some common questions about submitting, voting, and the selection process.

Selecting and Submitting Photos

Do you have any recommendations on subject matter?
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. From a perfectly-timed Flatbush sunrise to a hero shot of your mud-caked quad, any photo that captures the people, places and things of Lesser Slave River is fair game.

Voting for Photos

Why can't I vote for any photos until November 6?
Entrants have until November 5 to submit their photos. On November 6, all photos will be available for viewing and voting. Posting them all at the same time prevents early submissions from garnering more votes than late entries.

Winner Selection and Verification

How do winning photos get selected?
The first determinant of a winning photo is how many votes it receives between November 6 and November 15. The top 13 highest-voted photos will be examined to ensure they meet the minimum photo eligibility requirements. Any photo that fails to meet image quality thresholds will be discarded. If this happens, the next most popular photo in line will be considered. This process continues until there are 13 verified winners.

Use and Ownership of Photos

What does the MD plan to do with the winning photos?
Generally speaking, we plan to use the photos to showcase the beauty and diversity of our boreal region. The winning photos will be featured in a wall calendar that the MD will produce in late 2023. The calendar will be available for the public to pick up at different locations across the MD (while supplies last).
MD administration offices are open from Monday to Friday between 8:15am and 4:30pm.
Main Office: Box 722 - 3000, 15th Ave SE, Slave Lake, AB
T:780.849.4888  F:1.866.449.4888
Sub-office: 660061 Range Road 20, Flatbush, AB
T:780.681.3929  F:1.866.681.3929




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