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Empowering community-focused initiatives.

Local recreational, social, cultural, educational and athletic programs provide a solid foundation for the physical and mental well being of everyone in the region. In this spirit, the Community Assistance Board helps the MD allocate budgeted funding assistance for community-focused opportunities, initiatives and programming.

Community Assistance Board Questions & Answers

All not-for-profit societies, community groups, clubs and individuals that offer a direct benefit to the citizens of Lesser Slave River, and that align with the MD’s community values (youth, seniors, fellowship, compassion, generosity, spirit, leadership and volunteerism) are eligible to apply for community assistance funding from the MD.

What is the new policy?

The MD believes that local recreational, social, cultural, educational and athletic initiatives and programs provide a foundation for the physical and mental health of its citizens. In this spirit, the MD plans to provide budgeted funding assistance for community opportunities, initiatives and programming. The new Community Assistance Board Policy is designed as a framework to help qualified applicants receive this funding. The policy can be found Here.

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