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MD Receives Provincial Funding for Smith Bridge

Province earmarks $1.65 million for engineering studies to replace aging critical infrastructure.

Smith Bridge Support Campaign a Success

MD to submit community endorsement package to Province prior to budget talks

Drivers Face 90-minute Detour as Smith Bridge Deteriorates

Rreeve says a complete replacement is needed — not only to keep the town alive, but also to provide a connection to tourism and oil & logging industries.

Old Bridge Over the Athabasca Needs Replacing

Alberta government says replacing the Smith Bridge is no longer its responsibility.

Wartime Bridge Still in Use – How Long Can it Last?

Review an aggregated Smith Bridge news article from Joe McWilliams of the Lakeside Leader.

The Smith Bridge is five years past its engineered life span.

The time to rebuild is now, and we need the Province to prioritize the required funding.

The Push for Provincial Action

From supporting a robust industrial sector to fostering community growth and diversification, there's a multitude of reasons why replacing the Smith Bridge in the near term makes sense. Learn more about the MD's ongoing lobbying efforts, and share your own thoughts on this important undertaking.

Smith Bridge Poll

Smith Bridge Community Poll Results

From August to November 2022, the MD conducted a simple public opinion survey regarding the Smith Bridge. The results are in, and you can explore them here.
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