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MD Moments Photo Contest Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the 2023 MD Moments Photo Contest! The 13 entrants below rose to the top of more than 250 submissions based on the online vote tally, as well as compliance with the photo submission requirements.

The winners will each receive $100, and their photos will be featured in a wall calendar to be produced by the MD in December. Calendars will be available (while supplies last) at the MD administration offices in Slave Lake and Flatbush. You can also reach out to your friendly neighbourhood Councillor for a copy or two.

The MD sincerely thanks all those who took the time and effort to participate in this year’s contest. There were more than twice as many submissions than last year's contest, and many of them were spectacular. Fun fact: more than 7,000 public votes were cast via the contest voting page!

Cover: Contemplative Stones

Veena Adhith
Taken near Slave Lake

January: Frosty Meadow

Kendra Waye
Taken near Smith

February: Scarlet Silhouette

Rose Vercholuk
Taken near Marten beach

March: Railcar Reflection

Nektaria Becker
Taken near Wagner

April: Dewdrops at Dawn

Maureen Schiller
Taken near Flatbush

May: Mirror Finish

Dawen Lawrence
Taken near Slave Lake

June: Sibling Silhouette

Jarit Anderson
Taken near Slave Lake

July: Pathway to paradise

Lobna Abrouz
Taken at Devonshire Beach

August: Wait Up!

Angelie Dela Cruz
Taken at Devonshire Beach

September: Bridge from Below

Rosalee Enns
Taken near Smith

October: Adventure Awaits

Ameen Ahmed
Taken near Marten Beach

November: Marten Mtn Majesty

Colleen Yakemchuk
Taken at marten Mountain

December: Misty Valley

Scott Tradewell
Taken near Slave Lake

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