Update: June 25 - July 2, 2018


Fire Services Update

The Lesser Slave River Regional Fire Service is committed to protecting life, property and the environment from fire, hazardous materials, natural disasters and other emergencies. As such, the department issues a weekly report on all investigations, fire prevention activities and other Fire Services news of importance to the residents of the Lesser Slave River region.

If you have any specific questions or concerns related to these updates, please contact Regional Chief of Lesser Slave Lake Fire Services Jamie Coutts.

  • 2-MVA- HWY 88 30 KM N SL, Caribou Trail & 8 ST NW
  • 2-Other- 53 Sawridge RD, Schurter Park- Down trees
  • 2-Duty Officer- 1500 Main ST SW- 332 5 ST NE
  • 1-Structure Fire-600 14 AVE SW
  • 1-Vehicle Fire- 201 12 AVE SW

  • Worked on Unit 251-351 getting new booster reels installed
  • Worked on John Deere Tractor with engine issue
  • Replaced cross-lay valve on Unit 111
  • Replaced air filter assembly on Unit 111
  • Completed small engine repairs on equipment and hall

  • Interviews took place to replace Fire Admin
  • Issued Fireworks Permit Big Fish Bay
  • Inspections completed WJS House, Big Lakes Inn & Legion Manner
  • Visit Forestry for updates on 2 local fires in the area
  • Visit Cemetery to look at downed trees
  • Pick up and ready structure protection trailer
  • Work on Future FF program
  • Deliver structure protection unit and pick up to Edson for FS crew deployment
  • Assist with set up of RMSS Grad
  • Work with on call crew area familiarization and truck knowledge

  • Returned Unit 451 after service
  • Hall 2 in Canada Day Parade in Canyon Creek
  • Daytime Duty Officer
  • Mitsue ladder truck to Widewater for Canada Day Parade
  • Received gear back from Smith Quad Rally
  • Unit 251 Booster reel retro fit started

  • Hall 2, 3 & 5 Training Water movement
  • SAR –Forms, Survival Wilderness Game & Tarp set up
  • Working on Training site @ Hall 1-Black Pearl, Prax & D Janzen Trucking have been amazing
  • Donations of material and work continue to help achieve these goals

  • Crew off on annual leave Monday-Wednesday
  • Structure deployment to Yellowhead County
  • Summer Student mowing, snipping, FS maintenance planning off Thurs/Friday for Grad

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