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MD Quashes LUB Rewrite Speculation

In the wake of recent controversy surrounding Thorhild County’s proposed land use bylaw revisions, speculation has been circulating on social media channels that the MD plans to follow a similar path. Such speculation is not based in truth.

To be clear, there are no plans to undertake a rewrite of the MD’s current land use bylaw; nor is such a rewrite a strategic objective of the sitting Council.

Land use bylaws are generally rewritten every five to ten years to ensure local planning legislation reflects the development realities of the day. The MD’s land use bylaw was updated in 2021. While this bylaw has been amended each time Council approved land zoning changes as requested by property owners (and only after community consultation via public hearings), the land use bylaw in its existing form is applicable and meets current needs. Visit the Planning & Development section to review our land use bylaw and other important statutory documents.

Through this statement the MD seeks to alleviate any concern and eliminate any baseless speculation that may be circulating in the community. Please feel free to share this message as you see fit.

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