Feb 2, 2015

Becoming even better.

As we enter into the second year in our term, I’d like to take a moment to reflect on some of the key accomplishments and successes that have most recently taken place in the Municipal District. I’d like to begin firstly by thanking Council for all their efforts over the past term on continuing to make our region an even better place for our residents to live, work and play.

Key accomplishments like the Poplar Lane Water Line and Canyon Creek pavement projects, the new playground at the Canyon Creek Arena, the renovations to the Smith Complex nearing completion (the contractor assures us the new Community Hall will be complete by August), the Widewater Complex will be receiving roof repairs this summer, new ovens have been installed in Flatbush Complex, and washroom renovations are scheduled – are all top of mind, each strengthening our sense of community. Our Utility and Transportation Departments continue to do an excellent job in their daily operations. We have also requested Tenders to upgrade part of Poplar Lane Road to no ban paved status this summer.

IA new zoning in a small area of the Old Smith Highway will resolve some of our growing contractor challenges with light industrial and residential. This zoning will allow for larger shops and storage areas. Several residential developments are underway. Funding continues to be in place for our regional libraries in Smith and Flatbush, as well as our ability to provide support to the Slave Lake Library.

Tri-Council – the Municipal District, Sawridge First Nations and Town of Slave Lake – steadfastly monitors FireSmart programs, Regional Water Line development, and construction of the new Wildfire Legacy Centre. Lastly, the idea of a new joint industrial park development is now being investigated.

From Health Advisory Councils, Library Boards and Airport Commissions, to Watershed Groups and Landfill Boards, from Lesser Slave Lake to Athabasca, housing authorities in Slave Lake and Westlock, Economic Development Councils like Lesser Slave Lake Economic Alliance and Tri-council Economic Development – it’s quite challenging to address all our areas of the MD’s involvement.

I’m proud to report that we succeeded with our motion at the Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties Semi-Annual Conference to have AAMD&C lobby Provincial Government to replace km markers on provincial highways without range road and township road markers. Because of this change, our volunteer fire fighters and ambulances will be able to respond much faster to emergency calls. I would also like to take this opportunity to extend my appreciation to all the staff at the Municipal District. Your hard work and dedication keeps our organization running smoothly. Thank you.

On a final and personal note, I would like to especially recognize and give my thanks to one of our longest-serving employees – with 22 years of service – Kelly Adelman, our Communications and Human Resources Coordinator. Kelly, with a heavy heart, I wish you all the best with your new adventure. Know that you will be sorely missed.

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Murray Kerik
Reeve, MD of Lesser Slave River no.124

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We are the MD of Lesser Slave River No. 124. Our land is big, beautiful and clean with green pastures, clear waters, sandy beaches and boreal forests nourished by the Lesser Slave, Pembina and Athabasca rivers. We are rugged and real!

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Traditionally the Sawridge First Nation used the sprawling Boreal forest and the numerous lakes and rivers of the Slave Lake Region as their territory for centuries prior to the arrival of colonialists. Visit the Municipal History section to learn more about our region's rich heritage.
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