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The MD is accepting submissions from contractors for its vendor & equipment registry. The intent of this registry is to provide the MD with a listing of approved contractors and tradespeople that can be called periodically to work on smaller road construction projects, the annual gravel haul, fixing breaks in the utility infrastructure, building maintenance, and landscaping, as well as providing assistance in the event of a local emergency.

Please note that completion of a registration package for the Vendor & Equipment Registry is not a guarantee of work. Vendor selection for hiring will utilize price as a primary factor; however, the MD may apply the following considerations when hiring a vendor in order to determine best overall value:

  • Past work history with the MD, along with the cooperative record of the vendor, making the vendor available to the MD in times of need or difficult situations
  • The experience of the vendor, the suitability, productivity and condition of the equipment
  • The location of the vendor in relation to the worksite

Tender Details

  • Department All
  • Location Various

Registry Application

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