Dust Control

Suppress the dust on roads in your area.

One frustrating aspect of rural living is the dust that is often produced by traffic on gravel roads. The Transportation department offers help in abating commonly-occurring road dust that can be a safety hazard as well as a nuisance for rural residents.

The Dust Control Program allows residents to apply for dust control on rural roads in front of residences. Dust control involves the application of a calcium chloride agent to gravel roads that cause particles to stick together into larger chunks that do not spread so easily via wind or vehicle.

The MD's Dust Control Program typically begins in May and is completed by end of June, weather and road conditions permitting.

2021 Dust Control Program

The application for Dust Control Agents shall be carried out by the MD of Lesser Slave River, at no charge on municipal roads as follows:

Major intersections and hazardous school bus stops due to poor alignments, hamlets, extensive residential developed areas, cemeteries, Industrial parks, residences which are located within 100 metres on local roads which traffic flows in excess of 150 vehicles daily.

Residents wishing dust control or commercial/industrial haul routes that do not meet the above noted requirements may make written application at the MD Office for this service. The rate is $150.00 per 100 meters plus $2.00 per additional meter. Dust control agents are normally applied after the lifting of spring road bans and as equipment and materials become available.

Please be advised that the application window for inclusion in this year’s program has passed. Late applications will not be accepted.

For further information please contact the Transportation Assistant at 780.849.4888.

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