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Longer-lasting Roads and Lower Repair Costs

Road use agreements (RUAs) help the MD monitor heavy vehicle traffic, manage wear and tear on municipal roadways, and plan for future maintenance. With over 600 kilometres of roadways to maintain costing ratepayers hundreds of thousands of dollars each year RUAs ensure that roadway damage caused by commercial entities does not come out of taxpayer pockets.

RUAs are a year-round requirement — even when the road ban season has ended. They are required in the following use cases:

  • If you exceed five trips to the same destination or project over a 24-hour period, or more than 12 trips over three or more days to the same destination or project
  • Industry activities like gravel trucks and infilling hauls of clay, topsoil, or marginal soil
  • Oil & gas operations including all drilling and service rigs (required for moves)

Traffic Safety Bylaw 2022-12

Under the Municipal District's Traffic Safety Bylaw, the MD has the authority to request that companies enter into a Road Use Agreement. This agreement outlines how additional maintenance and damage to the roadway will be addressed between the two parties, so that taxpayers are not paying to maintain roads being damaged by commercial entities. In some cases, a security deposit is required by the MD. These heavy hauls include such things (but not limited to) as log and gravel hauling, significant industrial projects.

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