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The MD is responsible to provide one reasonable access from any developed municipal roadway to each existing adjacent property. With the approval of the MD, property owners may develop additional accesses beyond this. 

Application Process

No fee for application

There is no fee for the Request for Approach application. Applications for approach construction can be submitted to the MD at any time throughout the year.

  1. Complete the application form (linked below).
  2. Submit the application form to the Transportation department via email (below) or by dropping off a physical copy at the MD's Administrative Office.
  3. The Transportation department will review the application once it is received and inspect the proposed location to ensure adequate sight lines and drainage requirements.
    Note: In some cases, the approach may need to include the installation of a culvert. The Transportation department will then inform the applicant if the application is approved.

If this is the initial approach to the property, the MD will schedule the construction of the approach into their planned work. Please note that many factors determine the timing such as availability and location of equipment, supplies, and manpower.

Process differs for an additional approach

If this is an additional approach (and not an initial approach), it is the landowner’s responsibility to build and pay for the construction of the approach. Once the culvert is in place and back filled but not gravelled residents will need to contact the MD to inspect the approach for adequate construction practices. Once the MD is satisfied that the approach won’t impede drainage, they will give the landowner permission to place the gravel.

After approaches are completed it becomes a portion of the road it is accessing, and maintenance of it then falls to the MD.

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