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The Municipal District offers private driveway maintenance (grading) to landowners, at $193.00/hour. There is a minimum charge of 30 minutes (0.5 hour), and the work is done when a grader is in the area, not on a demand basis.


If an operator feels that the driveway is too narrow, or that the grader or property will be damaged by attempting to grade, the MD reserves the right to refuse this service. In these circumstances the Transportation Manager will contact the resident to explain why private driveway maintenance cannot be provided.

All residents requesting maintenance must provide a signed Private Driveway Maintenance agreement (below) to the municipality prior to any work commencing. Each agreement is valid for one instance of grader maintenance and permits municipal employees to enter onto private property.


Request Private Driveway Maintenance

Requests for driveway maintenance can be made by emailing your application to [email protected] or dropping off a signed request at an MD Administration Office.

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