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Beavers are considered a naturally occurring pest in the Lesser Slave River region, and occasionally cause damage to municipal infrastructure such as roads and drainage systems. The MD has a policy to manage and mitigate this damage by trapping the beavers and removing their dams. 

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Mitigation can mean a lot of things. In some cases, mechanical means can be employed to deter beaver activity such as guards on culverts, and in some cases removal of the beavers is required. In the latter's case, the work is done by a licensed trapper, in a safe and humane manner. Removal of dams is done by authorized personnel following applicable federal and provincial legislation. 

The MD is only authorized to remove beavers where there is a threat to municipal infrastructure — beavers causing problems on private property such as driveways or pastureland cannot be removed. This becomes the responsibility of the homeowner, who must also work within federal and provincial legislation.

If you notice a problem beaver location, please contact the MD’s Transportation department.

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