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A Unique Research and Education Facility

The Boreal Centre for Bird Conservation is dedicated to the study of the world of birds and their relationship with the boreal forest. Tour the Lesser Slave Lake Bird Observatory where researchers will introduce you to the tiny migratory songbirds that take refuge here. Calling all birdwatchers for spring and fall migrations: more than 254 species on the checklist! Come in early June for the annual Songbird Festival.

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The Boreal Centre for Bird Conservation (BCBC) is the only educational and research facility in the world strategically located to study boreal birds on their breeding grounds.

The BCBC offers 6,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor exhibits, interpretive programming, a gift shop and office space. It also provides research space and workstations for staff, volunteers and visiting researchers.

The Boreal Centre for Bird Conservation provides year-round facilities for rent and a variety of interpretive and educational events and environmental education school programs.

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