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About Property Assessment

Governed by provincial legislation, property assessment is the process of placing a dollar value on properties in the MD for taxation purposes. The Assessment & Taxation department is responsible for the valuation and classification of real property, personal property, and business occupancies within the MD for the purpose of distributing taxes equitably to landowners. Specifically, we:

  • Establish the assessed value for all property within the MD's boundaries
  • Prepare the annual tax rate bylaws for the collection of property taxes across the MD
  • Produce an annual assessment roll reflecting changes in property condition, ownership, boundaries, and exemption status
  • Provide guidance and communications to the public regarding statutory requirements and tax policy

Property Assessment Factors

The assessment & taxation process is governed by provincial legislation; Your property assessment is based on a market value estimate from the prior year as measured by the real estate marketplace (e.g.: property sales).

Farmland, linear property, and industrial machinery & equipment are assessed using a process regulated by Alberta Municipal Affairs rather than by market value. For information on the assessment of farmland or industrial machinery & equipment, contact the MD's Assessment & Taxation department at 780.849.4888 (toll-free 1.866.449.4888) or [email protected].

For more information about the assessment of linear property, click below to view the Alberta Guide to Property Assessment. You can also contact the linear property assessment branch of the Government of Alberta at 780.422.1377.

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Assessment and Tax Notice

Your Assessment and Tax Notice covers the period from January 1 to December 31 of the current year. The MD’s assessment process has been conducted by Accurate Assessment Group Ltd. If you have any questions concerning your property assessment, please call Accurate Assessment Group Ltd. at 780.464.4655 or the MD office in Slave Lake at 780.849.4888, toll free: 1.866.449.4888.

Filing a Complaint with the Assessment Review Board

If you do not agree with the assessment and wish to file a complaint with the Assessment Review Board, you must submit a complaint form (and the associated appeal fee) prior to July 8 of the assessment year to the Clerk of the Assessment Review Board, P.O. Box 722, Slave Lake, Alberta T0G 2A0.

An Assessment Review Board has no jurisdiction to deal with complaints about assessments for linear or designated industrial properties.  Complaints about linear and designated industrial properties must be directed to the Municipal Government Board within time period shown on the assessment notices.

Sections 311 and 337 of the Municipal Government Act stipulate that all assessed persons are deemed to have received their assessment and tax notices as a result of this publication. Your taxes must be paid by the due date of June 30, even though you may have appealed your assessment. If your complaint is successful, any overpayment will be refunded or applied to any balances owing to the MD.

Tax Due Date

The due date for payment of your property taxes in the MD is June 30 of each year. If payment is not received by the due date, penalties will be applied.

Penalties of 6% of current taxes owing are applied on July 2; followed by 6% on October 1; and then 12% is applied to the total balance owing on January 1 each year for non-payment of taxes. Failure to receive a tax notice is not a reason for non-payment of taxes. The postmark will determine the date of payment.

Avoid Late Payment Penalties

Failure to receive a tax notice is not a valid reason for non-payment of taxes. The postmark of a mailed-in tax payment will determine its official payment date.

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