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In Alberta, wild boar are categorized as an invasive species — and a provincially regulated agricultural pest when at large. These beasts wreak havoc on area properties, agricultural crops, pastures, and the landscape in general. They’re also notorious for endangering people and animals.

Landowners can help mitigate these problems by learning to recognize signs of their activity, and reporting sightings of wild boar.

The MD has partnered with the Province and is currently working on the next steps of its mitigation plans for wild boar-related issues. If individuals suspect they may have property damage or other evidence related to wild boars, they are encouraged to contact the Agricultural Services team at 780.681.3929 (toll-free 1.866.681.3929) or by email at [email protected].

By promptly contacting the MD, the team is better equipped to address the issue before it becomes more severe.

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