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All residents and visitors please note that the MD of Lesser Slave River No.124 has started its annual community standards initiative that will include the following:

  • 30-Day compliance letters have and will continue to be issued during Spring for property clean-up — especially in our hamlets: the clean-up 30-day compliance letters reminds lot owners that are in breach of the Land Use Bylaw regulations as it pertains to land use matters like storage, animal units, traffic and seasonal recreation that the MD is taking action to bring property back in line with our Land Use Bylaw regulations so as to maintain amenity that creates peaceful enjoyment of property and avoids unduly interference for permanent residents in hamlets as well as peripheral visitors;
  • Furthermore, once the July 31 deadline has been reached, those who have not addressed the infractions listed in their compliance letters, the MD will move onto initiating the appropriate legal requirements to remedy and address land use bylaw infractions.
  • Visitors and in specific recreational visitors that travel to the MD over weekends and long weekends are politely reminded of this initiative and that behaviour and land use practices that contravenes land use bylaw, traffic, parking, recreation, and other community standards regulations; especially that which compromises amenity for ratepayers will not be tolerated.
  • Parking and camping on MD lands not designated as well as excessive and irresponsible OHV or other vehicular use at all hours that contravenes Community Standards will result in fines between $500 and $1,000.
  • MD peace officers will regularly monitor registration & insurance and stamp out drug or alcohol use or noise associated with such use.
  • For permanent residents in our Hamlets having one or two family members over in a RV capacity seems sensible during the season BUT storage and other uses of recreational vehicles not allowed under the regulations of our land use bylaw 2021 will not be tolerated.
  • The MD is working in close relationship with its community and residents as well as with Building & Development to create an amicable community environment that fosters health and considerate amenity.
  • Please always be courteous, respectful, and mindful of your actions and behaviour and try and set a reasonable standard and example that inspires and considers those around you.
  • RESIDENTS and VISITORS: PLEASE Keep your dogs on a leash at ALL times, clean up after your dogs and tidy up your yard as it will foster a peaceful community cooperation. Do Not Litter and keep to the speed limits where signposted and have a fishing licence and where a lifejacket.
  • For those permanent residents who own larger animal units, please manage your manure in such a way that it does not give grievance to others close by and try and keep it clear from your lot lines if possible.

The MD thanks all for their patience and consideration.

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