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What responsibilities does a pet owner have?

In promoting the welfare of all domestic animals — such as dogs, cats, rabbits, and horses — within our boundaries, the MD reminds residents of the importance of proper care and handling of pets. These animals are considered property and should not be harmed or removed from their locale.

Did you know?

The MD offers tags for free! Phone 780.849.4888 to obtain tags. Ensuring that your pet wears an MD tag is key to their safe and swift return home.

Dog owners, remember to leash your pets unless on your own property. Additionally, the MD offers a cat trapping service, which is provided as weather permits.

For details on responsible pet ownership in the MD, including the latest penalties, please visit the Pet Ownership section of the website.


The Domestic Animal Control Bylaw is designed to protect the public health and safety of citizens, and to promote the general welfare of the residents and animals residing within the MD.

Bylaw infraction

Fine amount

Abandonment of any domestic animal


Failure to obtain a domestic animal license


Failure to ensure that a collar and license tag are worn when a domestic animal is off the owner's premises


Permit a domestic animal to be at large


Permit a domestic animal to bite, attack or run at any person or animal


Bite, bark or chase bicycles, automobiles or other vehicles


Bark or howl excessively or make excessive noise


Cause damage to property or other animals


Upset any garbage receptacle or scatter the contents of any garbage receptacles


Chase or harass wildlife or other animals


Failure to confine and house a female domestic animal in heat


Failure to confine a vicious domestic animal


Interfere with enforcement of the Domestic Animal Control Bylaw 2021-11


Pound fees (per day)


Deliberate harm to a domestic animal


If you have questions or need additional information regarding the provisions stated in the Animal Control Bylaw, reach out to our Protective Services team at 780.849.4888, toll-free 1.866.449.4888, or at [email protected].

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