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Getting a fire permit is a free and straightforward process that can now be done online.

From March 1 and until October 31, individuals in the Forest Protection Areas of Alberta must obtain fire permits for any burning, with the exception of campfires.

How to obtain a fire permit

Visit to obtain your fire permit.

Alternatively, fire permits can be obtained by contacting your local forestry area office:

  • Slave Lake: 780.849.7377
  • Lac La Biche: 780.623.5388.

Getting a fire permit not only helps keep track of what's burning on the landscape but also helps prevent any legal consequences. If you choose to burn without a permit or disregard its conditions, your fire may be considered a wildfire and you could be fined or even held responsible for the costs associated with suppressing the fire. By obtaining a fire permit, you also help firefighters focus on battling actual wildfires instead of responding to smoke emanating from your property.

Stay informed by regularly visiting, where you can access a detailed map of the affected areas and obtain further information. If you have any inquiries about fire restrictions, please call 1.866.394.3473.

The MD lies within the boundaries of the Slave Lake and Lac La Biche Forest Protection Areas. The Lac La Biche Forest Protection Area refers to any MD land located south of the Athabasca River, and the Slave Lake Forest Protection Area refers to MD land to the river’s north.

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