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In Council chambers we’ve become very familiar with Joe McWilliams for his consistent presence and impartial coverage throughout the years. Whether we’re opening a playground, debating the annual budget or conducting regular Council business, Joe is at work turning the moving parts of municipal governance into engaging and relatable news items for the community at large.

A reliable, impartial local newspaper plays an important part in the fabric of our communities. It keeps folks tuned in and talking with one another. Sometimes it even helps us find common ground on certain issues. These are some of the reasons I’m thankful to Joe and his colleagues at the Leader. At the MD we consistently advertise in the Leader because we know it’s where many residents get their information. In Council chambers we always have the latest copy on hand because it’s a great source of intel across the board.

There are some things in life that run so smoothly you almost fail to notice them. For me, the Lakeside Leader is one of those things. Like clockwork, the Leader provides the regional news and views that we all rely on to stay informed and understand one another in the Lesser Slave River region. It’s a trusted touchpoint for awareness of local matters great and small. It just works.

Whether you read the online version or grab a printed copy from one of the regular spots across the MD, take a moment to consider the abundance of value that this local paper brings to the community.

Fifty years is an awfully long time in municipal politics. I imagine it’s even longer in the publishing world. For half a century the Lakeside Leader has evolved, pivoted, and consistently delivered the goods.

On behalf of Council, I offer a heartfelt congratulations to this community leader on its fifty-year milestone, and I wish them every success in the years to come.

— Reeve Murray Kerik
Municipal District of Lesser Slave River no.124

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