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When you subscribe to the Prairie Pest Monitoring Network, you will receive weekly updates on prairie insect information, such as crop insect and wind forecasts, risk maps, and protocols.

The concept of a coordinated insect surveillance program for the prairies first took shape in 1997. Since then, the Prairie Pest Monitoring Network (PPMN) has been involved in developing monitoring protocols and in coordinating and conducting insect population monitoring of pests of field crops.

The distribution and occurrence of insect pests that affect field crops is correlated with climate, weather, agronomic practices, and natural enemies. These factors can be used to forecast insect pest populations and better understand where and when crops may be affected.

About the Prairie Pest Monitoring Network

The PPMN is composed of field crop entomologists who conduct research and actively monitor insect pest populations to support crop protection programs on the Canadian prairies. It includes researchers from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives, Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, and university researchers. Industry stakeholders provide regular input and valuable insight at annual PPMN working group meetings.

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