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Disasters affect us all. While local and provincial governments take steps to prepare for wildfires and other hazards, the people living and working in Alberta should be taking steps to prepare as well.

When the people in our communities are prepared, it makes communities stronger and more resilient. When community members are ready for disruptions, it creates a stronger foundation for emergency management overall, allowing emergency resources to be better used to respond to the actual event and support vulnerable populations. Make emergency preparedness a part of your regular routine so you are better able to navigate disruptions, big or small.

Alberta Emergency Alerts

The 2021 Preparedness Survey of Albertans confirmed that 61% of Albertans have signed up to receive public alerts and emergency messaging. Information helps us to better prepare for and respond to threats, which can occur quickly and change suddenly.

Visit Emergency Alerts and Advisories to sign up for Alberta Emergency Alerts and to learn about what other alerting services are available to you. For more preparedness content, tools and trusted resources, please visit

Build an emergency kit and gather supplies

The 2021 Preparedness Survey of Albertans shows only 51% of Albertans have gathered enough supplies to stay safe during disruptions and only 26% of Albertans have an emergency kit. Emergencies and disasters can impact grocery stores, pharmacies, and even gas stations and banking services. Having supplies is one thing you can do to help your household manage unexpected situations, whether they are big or small.

There are many ways you and your loved ones can become more prepared. You can build emergency kits to help you grab and go. You can make sure you have enough supplies at home so you can stay safe. In either case, your goal will be to have enough supplies to keep everyone safe, warm and comfortable.

Emergency supplies and kit checklists:

  • Build an emergency kit: having the supplies you need on hand can help keep you, your loved ones and pets safe and provide peace of mind, even if service disruptions occur.
  • Emergency kit checklist: when an unexpected situation occurs, it is easier to prioritize your safety and well-being if you have an emergency kit you can grab and go with at a moment’s notice.
  • Emergency kit checklist for your pets: provides information about emergency preparedness for your pets.
  • Emergency kit checklist for your vehicle: create a vehicle emergency kit to help keep you and your family comfortable and safe during times of emergency.

Make an emergency plan

The 2021 Preparedness Survey of Albertans shows only 27% of Albertans have a household emergency plan, and less are aware of the emergency plans at their loved ones facilities (such as their children’s school or a family member’s care home). Disasters often cause confusion and distress.

An emergency plan will help you cope with the stress of an emergency or disaster. Being prepared is different for everyone. Think about your personal needs to create an emergency plan that works for you. Being ready can reduce the disruption to your daily life.


Make community connections

The 2021 Preparedness Survey of Albertans shows only 10% of Albertans have made a neighbourhood contact list. Building relationships with the people around you can reduce stress and create community resilience. Neighbours and community members are often nearby when an emergency, disaster or unexpected situation occurs. Get to know those around you before an emergency. It makes it easier to ask for help when you need it, or offer help to those who need it most.

Create community resilience. Build strength in your community by getting to know one another.

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