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Municipal property taxes are the critical component in the funding of local government activities. Tax Rate Bylaw 2024-08 was approved by Council on March 27, 2024. The information contained within the municipal property tax insert below illustrates the tax calculations and breaks down the operating and capital expenditures, debt repayment, and transfers from the 2024 Budget.

Based on the tax rates set out in the bylaw, the MD will generate $23,722,576 in taxation revenue. Of this revenue:

  • $18,920,501 (79.8%) will be used for municipal purposes;
  • $4,053,676 (17.1%) is for the requisitions associated with Alberta Education;
  • $627,947 (2.6%) is for the seniors’ foundations;
  • $99,546 (0.4%) is for designated industrial properties requisition;
  • $311,702 (1.31%) is for the requisition associated with policing; and
  • $20,903 (0.1%) is an allowance for requisition collection.

Property Assessment Information

If you have questions or concerns regarding assessed values on property, please contact MD Taxation Administrator Mercede Mohler at 780.849.4888. Administration will forward all information to Accurate Assessment, and they will be in contact to discuss further.

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