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Utility Infrastructure Upgrades

Thanks to hard work and the momentum of a particularly productive year, the Water & Utilities team is nearing completion of some important water infrastructure projects. Below is a progress update on some key milestones.

Better Tasting Water

Historically, the MD’s water treatment plants have struggled with organics removal, resulting in taste and odor issues during the warmer months. The water is perfectly safe to drink — but it can sometimes have a musky taste. This is about to change. By implementing new systems to the treatment process (PAC and acid dosing systems for the technically inclined), the Utilities team will be able to deliver great-tasting water to residents year-round. These upgrades are slated for completion in 2022.

Reliable and Redundant Water Capture

The Utilities team manages two stations that pump raw water from Lesser Slave Lake to its treatment facilities in Smith and Canyon Creek. This becomes the water we use in our homes and businesses — and for mission-critical fire suppression purposes. These pump stations are vital to providing the entire MD with a reliable water supply, and the time has come to replace them.

The water intake rehabilitation project is already underway, with an estimated window of two years to bring the Smith and Canyon Creek facilities to optimum operational status. The Canyon Creek phase will also see a redundant underground intake line to immediately divert intake water in the event of a rupture in the main line.

Utility Electronic Billing

Ratepayers can now opt to receive their utility invoices via email instead of regular post. Want to make the switch to electronic billing? Soon you can visit the Utilities section of the website to download and complete the E-send enrolment form. Those who don’t submit an enrolment form will continue to receive their usual paper invoice in the mail.

Regardless of which billing method you choose, payment methods stay the same: by mail, via online banking, or in-person at the Slave Lake and Flatbush MD offices.

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Smith Bridge Rebuild


The Smith Bridge is five years past its engineered lifespan.The time to rebuild is now, and we need the Province to prioritize the required funding. Learn what the MD is doing to get this critical piece of infrastructure on the road to replacement.


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