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Utility Rate Changes Coming September 1

Effective September 1, 2022, a new consumption-based formula will come into effect for water & wastewater utility rates, per Bylaw 2022-08. Changes also include modest increases in overage rates and monthly fees. These changes reflect a more proportionate method of billing, and are designed to move municipal utility services closer to cost recovery.

Synopsis of the September 1, 2022 Changes

Highlights of the water & utility rate changes are indicated below. Please visit mdlsr.ca/utilities for detailed rate tables, or Click Here to review Bylaw 2022-08 in its entirety. For questions about the pending water & sewer utility changes, please call Administrative Assistant of Operations Leanne Masur at 780.849.4888 ext. 214 or email billing (@) mdlsr.ca.

Water Utility Rates

Until recently, all MD households were charged a standard rate of $62.41 per month for water. This rate was based on 18 cubic metres (or 18,000 litres) per account per month — whether you used it all or not. Monthly consumption in excess of this volume was billed at $1.42/m3.

Under the MD’s new fee structure (Schedule B of Bylaw 2022-08), ratepayers will pay $3.50 per cubic metre up to 30m3 of consumption, with additional usage billed at $4.00/m3. To put this into context: if your household or business used six cubic metres of water in a given month, you would pay solely for this usage — which equates to just $21 (rather than the prior flat rate of $62.41).

The MD founded its new billing rate of $3.50 per cubic metre on its historic utility calculation: $62.41 (the flat monthly rate) divided by 18 (average ratepayer consumption in cubic metres) equals $3.46. The figure was rounded up to $3.50. This fractional rate increase aside, the important takeaway is that water bills will accurately reflect each ratepayer’s consumption going forward.

Sewer Utility Rates

Under the previous fee structure, the MD billed all residents $24.79 per month for the municipal sewer utility. Effective September 1, 2022, ratepayers will be billed $1.00 per cubic metre of water used, with a minimum charge of $30.00. This represents a moderate monthly rate increase — but also factors usage into the equation.

Bulk Water Rates: Smith, Wagner and Canyon Creek

Prior to the new fee structure (Schedule B of Bylaw 2022-08), users of the Canyon Creek, Wagner, Flatbush, and Smith truckfills paid $0.714/m3 for up to 20 cubic metres of water, and $1.428 for each additional cubic metre used in a given month. Starting September 1, 2022, bulk water users in these communities will be charged the standard water utility rate of $3.50 per cubic metre. The account deposit of $100.00 will continue to be in effect, and the $50.00 key deposit for Flatbush and Wagner ratepayers will also remain in place.

Bulk Water Rates: Marten Beach

Under the pilot project status of the Marten Beach bulk water service, the deposit charge was waived for users. On September 1, the $100 account deposit will be in effect, bringing Marten Beach in alignment with the other community truckfills.

Marten Beach customers were previously charged $7.50/m3 for usage up to 9 cubic metres. Overage rates were:

  • $13.26/m3 for usage over 9m3 and under 12m3;
  • $16.32/m3 for usage over 12m3 and under 15m3; and
  • $22.83/m3 for usage in excess of 15m3.

Starting September 1, 2022, Marten Beach bulk water customers will be billed $8.00/m3 for residential use, and $11.50/m3 for commercial.

In addition to the bulk water rate changes indicated above, the monthly service fee for all community truckfills (including Marten Beach) has increased from $35.20 to $40.00.

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