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Multicultural Potluck

Join us in celebrating the cultural diversity of our region!

A multicultural potluck is taking place at St. Peter’s Ecumenical Church on Saturday, July 9. Please join us for this special event in the spirit of goodwill, great food, and a celebration of our cultural diversity.

Saturday, July 9
St. Peter’s Ecumenical Church
508 7 Street SE Slave Lake
Potluck begins at 5:00pm

This is a free event with no entrance or admission fee — just potluck rules. Please bring a dish from your cultural background to share. You can also coordinate with others in your community to bring in food as a group.

Food labels will be provided to let other diners know the name and cultural origin of each dish, plus cultural/medical ingredient alerts (like allergens, pork, gelatin, marshmallows, etc.).

Attendees are encouraged to wear traditional clothing to the potluck, and to bring culturally significant objects and artifacts to show the community. We look forward to seeing you there!

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