Be a Responsible Pet Owner

Animal ownership is encouraged and welcomed within the MD; however, strong emphasis is placed on responsible ownership of animals. Animal owners are encouraged to respect the rights of their fellow citizens and those of their animals. Primary responsibility is placed upon animal owners to train and/or secure their animals to prevent them from causing injuries and/or creating nuisances.

The MD promotes responsible pet ownership through educating the public on animal related issues and enforcement of its Domestic Animal Control Bylaw. In this spirit, the Bylaw Enforcement department seeks to remind residents of a few key points on pet ownership in the MD:

  1. A domestic animal (such as a dog, cat, rabbit, etc.) is considered property and thus should not be trapped, removed from its locality, or harmed in any way.
  2. Having your pet wear an MD tag is the safest way to ensure its return.
  3. When walking your dog, it should be leashed.
  4. The MD has initiated a cat trapping service. Once the MD completes its cat housing facility, this service will be provided as weather allows.

The MD’s Domestic Animal Control Bylaw is designed to protect the public health and safety of residents, and to promote the general welfare of the citizens and animals residing within the MD. For any animal-related questions or concerns, please call 780.849.4888 and ask to speak with a Bylaw Enforcement representative.

Penalties for Infractions of the Domestic Animal Control Bylaw

  • Abandonment of any domestic animal: $500.00
  • Failure to obtain a domestic animal license: $60.00
  • Failure to ensure that a collar and license tag are worn when a domestic animal is off the premises of the owner: $60.00
  • Permit a domestic animal to be at large:  $100.00
  • Permit a domestic animal to bite, attack or run at any person or animal: $500.00
  • Bite, bark or chase bicycles, automobiles, or other vehicles: $500.00
  • Bark or Howl excessively or make excessive noise:  $100.00
  • Cause damage to property or other animals: $100.00
  • Upset any garbage receptacle or scatter the contents of any garbage receptacles: $100.00
  • Chase or harass wildlife or other animals: $100.00
  • Failure to confine and house a female domestic animal in heat: $100.00
  • Failure to confine a vicious domestic animal: $500.00
  • Interfere with enforcement of the Domestic Animal Control Bylaw: $500.00
  • Pound fees: $100.00/day
  • Second or subsequent offence within one year: double the amount of the fine for 1st offense.
  • Deliberate/willful cause harm to a domestic animal: $500.00

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