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Council Passes Open Spaces Regulations Bylaw

MD Council passed third and final reading of Open Spaces Regulation Bylaw 2022-03 during its regular Council session on April 13, 2022. This important legislation articulates the free use of open space areas across the MD, while providing a framework for managing conflicting uses and growing demands on these areas.

“Here in Lesser Slave River, we are blessed with an abundance of parks, trails, beaches and open spaces,” shared Barry Kolenosky, Chief Administrative Officer for the MD. “As we head into the warmer months, visitors to these areas will increase accordingly. Having a clear, common sense bylaw in place as we welcome folks will help ensure a safe and a positive experience for all who enjoy our public lands.”

This legislation helps establish expectations for visitors of MD-owned parks, trails and open spaces. It also provides Control Officers with a clear-cut set of guidelines to ensure that visitors do not unduly interfere with the amenities of an open space, or materially interfere with or affect the use and enjoyment of the open space by all visitors.

"The tenets of the bylaw are simple and straightforward,” added Kolenosky. “As we preserve the assets we have and plan for a broader range of uses and amenities, these rules will help us maintain the safe, consistent and conflict-free enjoyment of these special places for everyone.” 

Bylaw 2022-03 comes into effect May 2022, repealing the legacy regulation, Bylaw 2020-14. To review this bylaw or further explore the rules and regulations for the enjoyment of MD-managed public spaces, please visit the Parks & Beaches section of the MD website.

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Smith Bridge Rebuild


The Smith Bridge is five years past its engineered lifespan.The time to rebuild is now, and we need the Province to prioritize the required funding. Learn what the MD is doing to get this critical piece of infrastructure on the road to replacement.


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