MD Helps Meet the Needs of Local Food Banks

Everyday life brings ups and downs for us all, but additional COVID-related stressors have impacted some of us more than others. If feeding yourself or your family is adding to this stress, help is available and ready when you are.

During these times of uncertainty, community food banks are facing an increased demand. The MD is doing its best to help meet this new demand, because putting food on the table should not be stressful or uncertain for anyone. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the MD has donated close to $20,000 to local groups like the Slave Lake Native Friendship Centre Food Bank and the Good Samaritan Athabasca Food Bank.

If you find yourself facing food insecurity, please know that help is close at hand. For those in the greater Slave Lake area, we encourage you to contact the Slave Lake Food Bank at 780.849.3039. If you live in the communities of Smith, Hondo, Chisholm or Flatbush, please contact the Athabasca Food Bank at 780.675.3556.

The COVID-19 virus has impacted our communities in strange and unfamiliar ways. Food banks are an especially critical resource for those in need. Please consider reaching out to the food bank in your area to get help — or to help if you can. We will get through this as we always do. Together.

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