Smith Skating Rink a Labour of Love

Amidst our daily routines of municipal service delivery (and periodic focus on critical events), it can be easy to overlook those whose acts of goodwill enrich our community in simple yet important ways. MD staff and Council wish to hit pause to acknowledge Debbie Parsons for being one of these folks.

A former Councillor of the Hamlet of Smith, Debbie is responsible for commandeering the Fire Services tank truck to create this year’s outdoor ice surface for the Smith community. This was no small feat. Thanks to her efforts, kids of all ages can skate to their hearts’ content beside the Smith Complex. An outdoor curling fun bonspiel was held last year on Debbie’s ice, and much fun was had!

Thank you for your generous gifts of time, energy and community spirit, Debbie. Your efforts are truly appreciated by all!

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