Subscribe to Slave Lake and Lac La Biche Area Wildfire Updates

The MD recommends subscribing to Slave Lake Forest Area Wildfire updates and/or Lac La Biche Forest Area Wildfire updates to automatically receive emails when new information is posted about wildfire status across the MD. Updates are provided weekly when the wildfire danger is low to moderate, and daily when the wildfire danger reaches high to extreme.

Residents are also encouraged to download the new Alberta Wildfire App and get access to accurate, real-time information on wildfires in your area. You can also find information on fire advisories, restrictions and bans across the province and much more. This App is available for Apple and Android devices.

The MD lies within the boundaries of two different Forest Protection Areas: the Slave Lake Forest Protection area and the Lac La Biche Forest Protection area. The Lac La Biche Forest Protection Area refers to any MD land located south of the Athabasca River, and the Slave Lake Forest Protection Area refers to MD land to the river's north.

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