MD Issues Flood Preparation Notice

As winter recedes and the spring winds blow, it’s time to turn our attention to flood preparation. The MD of Lesser Slave River has temporary access to a sandbagging machine from the Alberta Emergency Management Agency stockpile. While this may seem early, there is a short window of availability for the machine as other communities are preparing for ice breakup.

The machine was set up at the Marten Beach transfer station yesterday and we have started building an inventory of sandbags. We hope to begin placing temporary structures in Marten Beach next week while continuing to build inventory for placement in other MD locations.
Having the machine on-site also provides opportunity for community members to participate in readiness by preparing the community and their properties with sandbags. We are planning a “community work weekend” on April 17th & 18th so volunteers can come together at the transfer station to fill and stockpile sandbags from 10:00am to 3:00pm each day. Please bring your masks so we can observe COVID-19 health protocols.

MD staff will be delivering sandbag stockpiles to various locations within Marten Beach for property owners. We will also build sandbag inventory for at-risk residential properties near Sawridge Creek, Eating Creek and Flatbush; we anticipate that these sandbags will be delivered later this month.

Please join us preparing to be ready when/if the water starts to rise this year

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