MD Formulating Rapid Transition Plan for Canyon Creek Campground

As of this message, the MD has been granted operational access to the Canyon Creek Campground. We are working diligently to formulate a rapid transition plan, and we are happy that one less barrier to opening for the season has been removed.

The MD has not yet legally assumed operation of the Canyon Creek Harbour; however, a Bylaw was passed at our May 26 Council meeting to authorize signing of the lease. We are hopeful that the grounds and facilities will pass all necessary inspections, positioning us to provide an enjoyable – albeit delayed – camping experience.

The former campground operator released reservation records on May 21. As a result, all seasonal campers have been contacted (or will be contacted in the near term) to confirm email addresses to allow the MD to provide timely updates as the transition plans take shape.

We have set up This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as a catch-all email address for campers to use, and we are working on the phone system. The MD sincerely thanks all patrons for their understanding during the stutter-start of camping season. We are eager to help make your rugged-and-real outdoor experiences as carefree and memorable as possible.

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