Financial Disclosure

Monthly Councillor financial statements.

Lesser Slave River Council is committed to transparency and accountability. As such, monthly expenses and honoraria for the Reeve and Councillors will be posted in this section of the website for public review.

Selected by residents to represent the views, visions, and values for the future, your Council works to ensure decisions mirror community needs and interests. Council functions as a board of directors for the community, setting the strategic direction and then designing policies and strategies to achieve that direction.

For further information regarding Council financial disclosure statements, please contact Executive Assistant Lana Spencer.

  ACC  Accomodations
  ASB  Agricultural Service Board
  AWOL  Allowance
  ARWMSC  Athabasca Regional Waste Mgt Services Commission
  AWC  Athabasca Watershed Council
  CCHA  Canyon Creek Harbour Authority
  COM  Communication Allowance
  CF-LSL  Community Futures - Lesser Slave Lake
  CF-T  Community Futures - Tawatinaw
  COUNCIL  MD Council Meeting
  FCM  Federation of Canadian Municipalities
  HHA  Homeland Housing Authority
  INT  Intermunicipal Committee
  LSLRWMSC  Lesser Slave Lake Regional Waste Mgt Services Commission
  LSRHA  Lesser Slave Regional Housing Authority
  LSWC  Lesser Slave Watershed Council
  MEAL  Meals (K20 Policy)
  MTG  Meeting
  KM  Mileage (K20 Policy)
  MPC  Municipal Planning Commission
  NAEL  Northern Alberta Elected Leaders-NADC
  OTH  Other
  PLS  Peace Library System
  PZ  Pembina Zone
  PREPC  Preparation - Councillors
  PREPDR  Preparation - Deputy Reeve
  PREPR  Preparation - Reeve
  RMA  Rural Municipalities of Alberta
  SLAC  Slave Lake Airport Services Commission
  SLCC  Slave Lake Chamber of Commerce
  SLRLB  Slave Lake Regional Library Board
  SDAB  Subdivision & Development Appeal Board
  3C  Tri-Council
  3C-ECD  Tri-Council Economic Development Committee (& Tourism)
  3C-FS  Tri-Council FireSmart Committee
  3C-HAC  Tri-Council Health Advocacy Committee
  VSI  Veterinary Services Incorporated
  WPCA  Weed/Pest Control Appeal Committee
  WLC  Wildfire Legacy Corporation

Financial Disclosure

Life, Work and Leisure in Lesser Slave River

On May 15, 2011, large parts of Lesser Slave River were affected by wildfires in the area. Winds pushed the flames into the Town and surrounding communities, destroying many houses and businesses. The actions of the MD and its residents, and as their stoic resolution to rebuild from the ashes, are a living testament to the region’s “Rugged & Real” motto. Visit the Municipal History section to learn more about our region's rich heritage.
Legendary Lesser Slave River

MD of Lesser Slave River

Just a few hours due north of Edmonton, Lesser Slave River is a truly unique place to live, work and play. From breathtaking expanses of boreal forest and unspoiled natural wonders to a thriving economy and genuine work/life balance, opportunities abound. Here you'll discover a place of rugged beauty. A place of real people. A place you'll never want to leave.

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