Agricultural Programs

Helping Producers Meet their Growing Needs

Developed in consultation with municipal partners and regional stakeholders, the MD provides a growing list of agricultural programs that that make agricultural production and processing more profitable, resourceful and environmentally sustainable.

From reduced-rate veterinary services to roadside herbicide spraying and integrated pest management, these community-focused programs are available to any producers within the MD's agricultural community who require them.

For more information about the MD's agricultural programs, or to discuss additional agricultutal programming, please call Agricultural Services at 780.681.3929 or toll-free at 1.866.681.3929.

The MD Agricultural Service Board has the necessary equipment, specialized herbicides and certified applicators to remove noxious weeds from infested lands.

Please call Agricultural Services at 780.681.3929 or toll-free at 1.866.681.3929 to make arrangements for a spraying estimate.

The custom spraying service is limited to the following:

  • Agricultural land only (ex: fencelines pastures & crop land)
  • Noxious weeds only (ie: Tansy, Tall Buttercup, Canada Thistle, etc.)
  • Spot applications of ¼ acre or smaller only
  • Must sign a "Permission to Enter Upon Lands to Control Vegetation" agreement
  • $50/hour labor plus herbicide at cost with a minimum $50 charge applied.

The use of herbicides, mowing, and weed picking to manage agricultural pests. Lesser Slave River employs two weed inspectors who conduct random inspections and investigate complaints. Weed inspectors have the authority to enter private property without landowner permission in order to conduct inspections.

Roadside Spraying: The Municipal District conducts its Vegetation Management Program on municipally-owned road allowances for the destruction of prohibited noxious weeds, the control of noxious weeds and the control of woody species by application of herbicides from June through to October.

Any landholder that does not want herbicide treatment on the municipally owned road allowance(s) that are located adjacent to their property, can enter into an “Exemption from Municipal Road Allowance Herbicide Application Agreement”. Once entered into the agreement, the landholder assumes the responsibility of prohibited noxious and noxious weed control and woody species control on the road allowance.

  • Click here to download an Exemption from Roadside Herbiside Application Form
  • Weed Inspections: Each municipality is required by provincial statutes or municipal by-laws to enforce the control of noxious and prohibited noxious weeds within their boundaries. The MD of Lesser Slave River No. 124 hires two weed inspectors and a licensed herbicide applicator to control the weed populations throughout the municipality. During the summer, weed inspectors patrol the municipality ensuring that landowners are effectively controlling weeds on the property. Those that do not comply with the Weed Control Act (Link) within the specified time will be issued a notification letter. If landowners do not comply with the Weed Control Act within the specified time, Agriculture Services may take action at the cost of the landowner.

Veterinary Services Incorporated (V.S.I.) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping approved MD residents with professional veterinary services. V.S.I. has entered into agreements with regional vets to provide a number of veterinary services to the MD at reduced rates. These rates are offset by funds from the MD. A producer of livestock who wishes to participate in this program must enter into a V.S.I. agreement with the MD, at which time the MD will issue a V.S.I. number unique to that individual. Please contact the Agricultural Services department for more details.

For more information about the V.S.I. Program, please call Agricultural Services at 780.681.3929 or toll-free at 1.866.681.3929.

Schedule "A" 60/40 Effective January 1, 2019

Until this Tariff is amended and subject to the terms and conditions of the year 2019 contract, VSI Services (1980) Ltd. will pay the listed VSI fee charged by the veterinarian for the services stated within the downloadabme PDF below. All other charges levied in association with the service(s) being claimed must be shown on the invoice.

The MD has developed a Weed Control Partnership Program for the destruction of prohibited noxious weeds and the control of noxious weeds on rangeland, pasture land, hay land, fence lines, rough turf and other non-crop areas. The MD partners with landholders to provide extension on weed control measures and will further provide a rebate to landowners who destroy prohibited noxious weeds and control noxious weeds and on their permanent cover lands.

For more information about the Weed Control Partnership Program, rebates, and herbicide purchases, please call Agricultural Services at 780.681.3929 or toll-free at 1.866.681.3929.

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