The Great Trail App Has Arrived


Designed in partnership with a tech company called Esri Canada, The Great Trail has recently launched a mobile app, aptly called The Great Trail – Explore Canada.


The app offers three main features. The Map component enables users to zoom in and out of The Great Trail, and to self-locate using GPS. The Measure functionality helps hikers (or cyclists or canoers) plan their routes by dropping pins, which calculates a distance between point A and point B, and thus helps users plan achievable adventures. Finally, the Activity Tracker uses GPS to monitor a journey, reporting the time, the elevation and the distance travelled.

This app, powered by Keen, is a trail guide and trip planner for anyone who wants to explore The Great Trail - Canada’s epic 24,000-km network of trails brought to you by Trans Canada Trail and its partners.

The Great Trail is made up of almost 500 individual trail sections, each with unique and varied features. For day trips or multi-day adventures, the Trail offers countless opportunities for Walking/hiking, cycling, paddling, horseback riding, cross-country skiing and snowmobiling.

Conquer the Trail

Select and learn about individual trails, upload your trail photos and see photos submitted by other adventure seekers.

Trip Planning Made Rasy

Planning ahead is effortless with the easy-to-use search tool. Shortcuts to nearby points of interest makes finding a trailhead or rest area a breeze.

Understand the Landscape

Visualize the journey ahead with the Measure Tool and calculate the distance you need to travel. Get a sneak peek of the elevation you’ll experience with the expanded elevation profile.

Track Your Trek

Remember every adventure with the Activity Tracker. Keep up with how much of the trail you’ve conquered and share your journey on all your favourite social networks.

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