Member-at-Large Vacancies


Council will hold an Organizational Meeting on October 23 and appoint Councillors and Members-at-Large to represent the MD on various organizations within our region.


Fall Social Coming Soon


The MD Agricultural Service Board will host its 17th annual Fall Social on Saturday, November 2nd! Advance tickets only are being sold for just $10 per person - but hurry as the ticket deadline is October 23. 


Safety Tips When Encountering Farming Equipment


With the summer season drawing to a close, and the unfortunate state mother nature has left the fields in, farmers are hustling to harvest their investments off the field and put the crop into their bins. There will be an increase of machinery on the roads, both rural and Highway, so it’s best to be aware as we all share the road.


Community Assistance Board Grant Applications


The MD believes that all local recreational, cultural, educational and athletic initiatives and programs provide a foundation for the physical and mental health of its citizens. In this spirit, the MD provides annual funding assistance for community opportunities, initiatives and programming. Applications for the next CAB grant are due by October 31, 2019.


Ag-Plastic Pilot Program – Multi-Partner Submission Selected


Barrhead, September 4, 2019 – Multi-partner submission including the County of Barrhead, Westlock County, Woodlands County and MD of Lesser Slave River, Neeralta Manufacturing Inc. and the Westlock Regional Waste Management Commission (WRWMC) was selected as one of 20 Ag Plastics Recycling Pilot program locations in Alberta.


MD of Lesser Slave River

Just a few hours due north of Edmonton, Lesser Slave River is a truly unique place to live, work and play. From breathtaking expanses of boreal forest and unspoiled natural wonders to a thriving economy and genuine work/life balance, opportunities abound. Here you'll discover a place of rugged beauty. A place of real people. A place you'll never want to leave.

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