Update: July 9 - July 15, 2018


Fire Services Update

The Lesser Slave River Regional Fire Service is committed to protecting life, property and the environment from fire, hazardous materials, natural disasters and other emergencies. As such, the department issues a weekly report on all investigations, fire prevention activities and other Fire Services news of importance to the residents of the Lesser Slave River region.

If you have any specific questions or concerns related to these updates, please contact Regional Chief of Lesser Slave Lake Fire Services Jamie Coutts.

  • 3-MVA- 3 KM West of Mooney Creek, HWY 2 34 KM East of Slave Lake & HWY 2 20 minutes west of SL
  • 4-Duty Officer- 1511 Main ST, 801 Main ST, 1511 8 SE & 116 3 AVE NE
  • 1-Wildland Fire- Devonshire Beach
  • 1-Other- Ammonia Leak –MRC

  • Completed service on Unit 161 & 151
  • Complete some minor repairs on rural equipment & TOSL equipment
  • Completed Hall 5 inspection

  • Ongoing work with AFFRACS Radios, Installed in three units
  • Complete Future FF schedule and email candidates for next week’s class
  • Complete annual employee review
  • Assist with installation of cabinets in first aid room
  • Fire hall tour for Fire Captain from BC
  • Attend Hazmat call at MRC, attend meeting at TOSL follow up to call and complete pre-plan of MRC
  • 2 Employees from Enerchem completed SCBA fit testing
  • Fill dunk tank for Wounded Warrior’s fundraiser

  • First Aid room reorganization
  • Put up cupboards
  • 3 vehicles to have AFFRACS radio installed
  • Ammonia leak call
  • New member to Hall 2 did physical and gear issued
  • Flatbush changed hard suction gaskets out, issues with repeater fixed
  • Smith has new pressure washer hose
  • Chainsaw training for the FireSmart summer students
  • Ordered water for Mitsue Hall
  • New call sheets for Widewater & Smith
  • Reviewed drafts of the WUI course

  • Hall 1- Training Pumping & Driving Skills
  • SAR-GPS & Backing Up, Trailer hookups Skill Assessment

  • Pile dead material in FS block by weigh scales
  • Spray VIC Trail to keep grass down
  • NLC WUI course development
  • Cut & Chip trees at Old Cemetery
  • Chainsaw training for Summer Students
  • FS Equipment Maintenance

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