Update: February 26 - March 5, 2018


Fire Services Update

The Lesser Slave River Regional Fire Service is committed to protecting life, property and the environment from fire, hazardous materials, natural disasters and other emergencies. As such, the department issues a weekly report on all investigations, fire prevention activities and other Fire Services news of importance to the residents of the Lesser Slave River region.

If you have any specific questions or concerns related to these updates, please contact Regional Chief of Lesser Slave Lake Fire Services Jamie Coutts.

  • 4-Duty Officer - 105 6 AVE NE, 10 Main ST SW, 1500 Holmes Trail & 1294 Southshore Dr
  • 2-MVA –Sawridge Truck Stop & HWY 88 20 KM North
  • 1-Rescue- Bird Observatory
  • 1-Medical Co-Response- 614 6 AVE

  • Worked on Maintenance Schedule
  • Fixed pressure washer at Hall 1
  • Did Hall 2-5 tour with Shawn
  • Worked on service plan for trailers
  • Clean up snow around Hall 1 & Hall 3
  • Closed off open POs with Heavy Equipment & Double B
  • Worked on SCBA HUDs and ordering new clip for mask
  • Worked on Unit 161 back up alarm
  • Fixed Unit 111 slide door
  • Live Fire Training
  • Move MD/TOSL units to and from Heavy Equipment for repairs
  • Made calls for parts and to line up services for the week and next week
  • Washed both sprinkler trailers to get ready for next weeks maintenance
  • Unit 121 went to Hall 3 while Unit 321 is in for repair

  • Cleaned up and repainted parts of gear drying rack
  • Distributed results for 472 Hazmat Awareness & Operations Exams
  • Finalize Bigstone 1001 Program
  • Completed Monthly newsletter
  • Proctor Driver/Operator Exams for Hall 1 Staff
  • Meeting with Roland Michener staff in regards to science chemical storage
  • Participated in weekly crew training, live fire runs
  • Inspections completed at Roland Michener, CJ Schurter, EG Wahlstrum, Lakeside Outreach,
  • Northern Star Inn, Slave Lake Manor & Points West Living

  • Updated Google Docs
  • Ordered AED & Tourniquet Trainers
  • Picked up pager batteries, uniform pieces and gloves
  • Shipped out air bottles for hydro testing
  • Ordered forearm immersion charis for FF Rehab
  • First books printed off
  • Helped with SCBA compressor air sample
  • Refurbished tools on Unit 321
  • Halls visit to 2, 3 & 5

  • Hall 1-Deep clean of all trucks and equipment
  • SAR Training –Ropes, Knots & Low Angle Rescue
  • WW- Scene safety traffic control
  • Smith- I AM Responding & Meeting Recruitment
  • Mitsue I AM Responding & Meeting Recruitment

  • Developed Deployment kits for crew leaders
  • Developed daily time reporting books to track costs and expenses for deployments
  • Correspond with Montane Consulting on AB WUI Program-Training & Tracking Standards
  • Prep Bayer Road meeting for March 5 with Laura Stuart and home owner
  • Bought in Sprinkler Trailers for spring maintenance to start next week
  • Unit 141 Spring prep and maintenance work

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