Update: December 4 - December 10, 2017


Fire Services Update

The Lesser Slave River Regional Fire Service is committed to protecting life, property and the environment from fire, hazardous materials, natural disasters and other emergencies. As such, the department issues a weekly report on all investigations, fire prevention activities and other Fire Services news of importance to the residents of the Lesser Slave River region.

If you have any specific questions or concerns related to these updates, please contact Regional Chief of Lesser Slave Lake Fire Services Jamie Coutts.

  • 4 Duty Officer- 300 4 AVE NE, Elks Hall Caribou Trail, 820 10 AVE SW, 1551 Main ST SE
  • 1 Medical Co-Response -2 Olsen Court Smith
  • 1 MVA –HWY 2 @ Prichuk Hill
  • 1 Structure Fire 2614 Old Smith HWY

  • SCBA Town & MD Testing-Repairs all week
  • Pick up truck service, overhead door service/repairs finished Hall 1
  • Hall 2 Widewater truck service and repairs
  • Hall 4 Flatbush truck service repairs
  • Firesmart vehicle Unit 141 electrical problems resolved
  • Hall 3 Smith Truck Service & Repairs

  • Switched out Unit 151 with Unit 451 in Flatbush for service on Unit 451
  • Worked on lockers for upstairs display
  • Inventory and worked on Dangerous Goods & Command Trailer
  • Assist with gathering and returning SCBA from various Halls and TOSL locations for annual certification
  • Completed Sawridge Truck Stop occupancy
  • Bump Testing gas detectors
  • Inspections Roland Michener, CJ Schurter, EG Whalstrum & Lakeside Outreach
  • Participated in the Candy Lane Check-Stop with various Emergency Services personal

  • Widewater call vehicle vs moose, single vehicle MVA
  • Smith call Medical Co-Response Fawcett Lake
  • Structure on Muskeg Road both WW and Smith tenders attended
  • Assisted with annual SCBA inventory & testing
  • Unit 221 in for service
  • Cleaned up in WW, washed trucks, bay floors, removed old TIC camera charger, returned town SVCA picked up Mitsue SCBA
  • Returned Flatbush & Smith SCBA
  • Washed Unit 351 and floors

  • Hall 1 Fit training, Physicals, Hearing Tests
  • Hall 4 training Physicals and fit test
  • Hall 6 SAR jacket sizing
  • Hall 2 –Physicals & FIT Testing

  • Burn Summerwood brush piles
  • Burn Mitsue brush piles
  • Quarterly planning for Firesmart projects
  • Firesmart veg maintenance fourth quarter planning

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