Update: Week of January 18 - January 24, 2016


Fire Services Weekly Update

The Lesser Slave River Regional Fire Service is committed to protecting life, property and the environment from fire, hazardous materials, natural disasters and other emergencies. As such, the department issues a weekly report on all investigations, fire prevention activities and other Fire Services news of importance to the residents of the Lesser Slave River region.

If you have any specific questions or concerns related to these updates, please contact Regional Chief of Lesser Slave Lake Fire Services Jamie Coutts.

  • CJ Schurter visit
  • Roland Michener Job Prep Class confined space orientation hall 1

  • Firesmart Winter Maintenance
  • Rope Rescue/Water Rescue Special Teams Layout
  • Startup planning meeting for Wildfire season
  • Regional Protective Services Group meeting (20 agencies represented)

  • Burn 2 piles
  • Chipping in Smith, and at Big Fish Bay
  • Mulch Drainage ditch for TOSL in Gloryland

  • Work on Water Rescue program books
  • Hall 1 Special Teams Technical Rescue and Water Rescue
  • Officers Meeting
  • Truck Checks

  • Regular weekly meetings with RCMP, EMS, Forestry
  • Very trying fatality accident near Saulteaux River bridge

Hall 1

  • Technical teams – Technical rescue – rope, confined space, industrial
  • Water rescue – Open water, ice rescue, swift water
  • First night of special teams practices (3 rd Monday of each month) 32 people showed up to participate on these special teams adding practical experience and insight into difficult resuces in the Slave Lake Region
  • SAR Callout for Missing Ice Fisherman
  • Paint new Rollover prop
  • 4 Motor Vehicle Accidents in one day
  • Wash turnout gear from MVAs
  • Boat tower to the city for mounting – Firefighters society project
  • Snow removal Halls 1 and Live Fire

Hall 2

  • Practice: Ice rescue suit awareness, BA practice, and Hall maintenance

Hall 3

  • Did not practice. Responded with 2 members to the accident at the Saulteaux River

Hall 4

  • Practice: Dangerous Goods part 2

Hall 5

  • Did not practice


Snow removal at Hall 2 and 5. Cleaned washrooms and cleaned up hall in widewater. Talked with Flatbush Captain about radio’s and stuff in the back corner. Talked with the MD maintenance about lock at Mitsue not working. Duty Officer Meeting on Monday night. Prepped for Flatbush practice. Checked on Smith hall, reviewed the lesson plan for Flatbush practice with Maintenance Officer.

5 motor vehicle accidents, 3 duty officer callouts. Ended the week with 1 fatality, 6 injuries. Firefighters were asked to a debriefing session to help deal with the stress of the week’s calls.

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