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Take a Quick Composting Survey

The Lesser Slave Lake Regional Waste Management Facility wants to understand the interest of area residents in a voluntary composting-at-home ...


Landfill Activities and Hours of Operation

The Regional Landfill and Transfer Stations will remain open, and will continue to receive waste during regular hours.


Marten Beach Transfer Station Hours

From August 19 to September 4, Marten Beach Transfer Station will be open Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays between 10:00 am and 8:00 pm.


Regional Landfill Hours Update

Starting Tuesday, July 10th the Regional Landfill hours will be as below:


Waste Separation is Essential

Lesser Slave Regional Landfill management wishes to remind residents of the vital importance of properly separating waste from recyclables. No...


The Beauty of Recycling

What if the end was really just the beginning? Of a whole new creation, that is. That’s the beauty of recycling. When you return your beverage...


Steer Clear of the Metal Pile

The Regional Landfill often gets asked why they won't allow residents to rummage through the metal pile for parts and materials. For purposes ...


Some Recycling DOs and DON'Ts

  • Keep organic waste clear of the recycling bin,

    Food scraps like apple cores, eggshells or expired leftovers belong in your garbage can, not the recycling bin.When you mistakenly toss food scraps into recycling, food residue and particles get soaked up by paper and can ruin large batches of otherwise good recyclables,
  • Clean your food containers before you recycle them.

    You have to empty and rinse before you recycle. When you don’t, the residue from items like jars and take-out containers gets soaked up by paper and can ruin large batches of otherwise good recyclables.Please empty and rinse food containers before tossing them into your recyclables.
  • Clothing can't be recycled.

    Old clothes, shoes, blankets and curtains don’t belong in recycling. They can get caught in sorting machines, damage equipment and cause workplace injuries at the recycling facility.Instead, donate items that are in good condition to not-for-profit facilities in your community. If your items can’t be donated, put them in the garbage.
  • Coffee cups go into the garbage.

    Disposable paper coffee cups are lined with plastic or wax and, unfortunately, can’t be recycled at this time. So, please place coffee cups in the garbage, not your recycling. However, black plastic coffee lids (and black plastic of any kind) can be recycled and should go into the recycling bin.
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