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FCSS Grants to Groups Funding Application

Contact name:
Mailing address

Enter the location(s) of the land for which you are seeking a vegetation management (roadside sraying) exemption.

Type of support required
Strategic direction

Which strategy under the FCSS act best fits your proposed program/project/event?

What positive change will your program/project/event create in your participants?

Please link your answer to the short-term outcome statement you chose above.

What sort of longer-term positive change will your program/project/event create in your participants?
What age group(s) wil your program serve?

Check all applicable age groups.

Which of the provincially-identified vulnerable populations will your program support?

Check all applicable groups.


Please provide an estimated number of participants.

Of these participants, how many are anticipated to be from Lesser Slave River communities?


What is the overall issue your program/project/event is meaning to change or influence? How do you know it is needed? Provide supporting data/evidence of this need. (For example: local groups are requesting activities/ services/programs in their own communities).

What approaches will your program/ project/event use to address this issue?

Explain why you believe this strategy or approach will work. Hint: The best way to answer this question is by putting it into an “If...Then…” Statement. For example: “If we provide a local nursery school more children will attend and be better prepared to interact outside the family unit.” Include evidence-based research if possible.


What resources are you and/or your group dedicating to this program/project/event?

If you have other inputs that you will be providing to the program, please list them here.


What services (sessions/events, workshops/classes, presentations, etc.) will your group be providing?

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