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The MD lies within the boundaries of the Lac La Biche and Slave Lake Forest Protection Areas. The Lac La Biche Forest Protection Area refers to any MD land located south of the Athabasca River, and the Slave Lake Forest Protection Area refers to MD land to the river's north.

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Our proximity to densely-forested areas can pose a public threat when wildfire conditions exist. These three simple steps can help you and your family stay safe.

Register to receive critical alerts.

Make sure to sign up with the MD’s emergency notification system so you can receive critical alerts.

Use the MD's information channels.

Monitor the MD website or social media channels for breaking news or important instructions related to an emergency event.

Get the Alberta Wildfire App.

Download the free Alberta Wildfire App for Apple or Android devices to receive real-time alerts on wildfires in the MD.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between a fire advisory, fire restriction, fire ban and a forest area closure?

The three that you will see most often are fire advisories (yellow), fire restrictions (orange) and fire bans (red). A forest area closure (black) is the fourth level, but because it is only available to provincial representatives within Alberta's Forest Protection Area (FPA), it is rarely used.

Fire Advisory — This level is meant to inform the public that the fire hazard rating has increased and there may be certain restrictions on burning. It may also be used as a warning that a more restrictive alert may be coming if the situation does not improve, or for short-term concerns like major wind events.

Fire Restriction — This level acts as a higher level of warning before a fire ban. Certain types of burning will be restricted, while certain types will be allowed. It is important to read the details of the fire restriction, as they will vary from municipality to municipality.

Fire Ban —A fire ban is usually put in place when a municipality has taken steps to restrict or prohibit most or all types of fire use within that area. It is important to read the details of the fire ban very closely, as they can vary from place to place.

Forest Area Closure — When put in place, this alert signifies that portions of the forest are closed due to safety concerns, and no public access will be permitted. These alerts are mandated through the provincial government, and will only be in place during extreme conditions.

In the Forest Protection Area (FPA) of Alberta, Alberta Wildfire controls all aspects of wildfire management, including fire bans. Alberta Wildfire has very clear guidelines for how each of the levels is implemented. For more information about Alberta Wildfire’s Fire Ban System, click here.

Do all fire bans have the same restrictions?

No. Each jurisdiction may have slightly different legislation or bylaws in place. Specific information associated with each alert can be viewed by visiting the details portion of any alert. Users are encouraged to contact the municipality if more information is required.

The area surrounding the MD is under an alert, but the MD itself is not – what does that mean?

Alberta is made up of many different municipalities, each having a slightly different process and rules for administering an alert. Although your area may not have an alert in place, it is always important to take steps toward ensuring safe fire practices in the event that conditions worsen.

Why can’t I find any fire ban information for provincial parks on this website?

As a separate entity, Alberta Parks is responsible for all alerts within provincial parks and recreation areas. By visiting the Alberta Parks fire ban website, you can find information on any alerts within their jurisdiction.

What is the Forest Protection Area of Alberta?

The Forest Protection Area of Alberta (FPA) refers to the legislated area of the province where Alberta Wildfire is responsible for all wildfire management. Responsibilities include fire suppression activities, distribution of fire permits and prescribed fire activities.

Who has authority in the Forest Protection Area?

Alberta Wildfire is the wildfire authority (under the Forest and Prairie Protection Act) in the FPA of Alberta. Alberta Wildfire manages and responds to all wildfires in this area, and is responsible for issuing permits and putting on fire bans. Municipalities (cities, towns, villages or summer villages) that fall within the FPA have the authority to set their own alerts, as they are outside the jurisdiction of Alberta Wildfire.

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How many wildfires happen in Alberta each year? What causes them?

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