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Innovative and Responsive Community Policing

Crime abatement is more than just numbers; it’s also knowing where crime is happening. The MD is committed to neighbourhood development, including innovative, responsive community policing. This is why the RCMP crime map has been developed. Seeing the whole picture is the first step in doing something about it.

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The MD's Protective Services team is committed to serving, protecting, and providing a desired quality of life for residents and visitors alike by raising public awareness of community standards.

Strength in Numbers

Together, municipal peace officers and bylaw enforcement officers are responsible for:

  • Investigating and monitoring bylaw compliance concerns and infractions
  • Monitoring compliance of MD bylaws through patrols
  • Assisting with bylaw creation
  • Meeting with communities to facilitate proactive solutions to local issues
  • Meeting the needs of residents by resolving local complaints by means of mediation or prosecution
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