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The RCMP CAPTURE program is being adopted by municipalities across Alberta, including ours.

You can help protect your property, your family and your community by registering your security cameras with Rural Crime Capture Program. By registering your camera, you are taking an active role in deterring crime and assisting the RCMP with their overall crime prevention goals in your community.

The CAPTURE (Community Assisted Policing Through Use of Recorded Evidence) program allows members of the public to register their home or business security cameras with the RCMP.

The purpose of the CAPTURE program is to assist RCMP investigators, reducing the amount of time it would take them to locate potential video evidence at time of crime and investigation.

Investigators will be able to view a map of registered security cameras in the area of crime scenes and will be able to quickly contact owners of the cameras. The system not only shows investigators where registered cameras are and provides contact info, but also allows for security camera footage to be uploaded and viewed by investigators.

Register Your Camera

To get started, visit and create an account. From there, you will enter your contact information and the location of your security cameras on the RCMP secure website.

Rural Address Required

To participate, a civic or blue sign address is required; the RCMP's system cannot accept legal land descriptions.

Once registered, If an investigator believes that your camera might have captured evidence of a crime, they will contact you using the contact information you provided during the sign-up process. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is the CAPTURE program for?

When police are investigating crime they will conduct neighbourhood enquiries to locate witnesses or Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) video footage to assist the investigation. With the knowledge of private citizen security camera locations, the time to conduct the inquiries may be shortened and provide key information that could aid with the investigation.

Why do police want this?

The primary objective of CAPTURE is to build a mapping program of security cameras in the community. Security cameras are an excellent crime prevention tool, protecting not only your own property, but potentially your neighbour’s as well. If you join CAPTURE, RCMP will become equipped with your contact information, enabling them to quickly contact you so that you may check your cameras for recordings that may help the investigation. Through this program the RCMP and the citizens of Alberta are partnering together to make the community safer for everyone.

If I participate, do I have to hand over my video footage/images?

No. That is entirely up to you; the program will always remain completely voluntary.

How will I share the footage from my system with the police?

The police will not physically remove any of your equipment. Officers will provide you with a storage device and ask that you extract the data on site, at your convenience, and provide it to them.

Will anyone be able to see the database?

No. The list of registered properties is kept confidential and only the police will have access to it. Thank you to the CAPTURE mapping program, when a crime occurs officers will be able to instantly see which residences in the neighbouring areas have security video that may be of use.

Is my information shared?

No, all of your personal information is kept confidential.

Do I register my security camera if it's an indoor camera with an outdoor view?

Yes, as long as the picture of the camera shows outside, please register the camera and explain what view point it has

If I move and bring my surveillance system with me, can I re-register?

Yes, please either advise us of the move, or login to your account and update your details, so the appropriate changes can be made to ensure the information is accurate.

Are the police encroaching on our privacy?

No. The program is one hundred percent voluntary. The security camera owner is the owner of the video/footage/photos produced. The police will not have access to any live video feed of any participant. The design of the website will also allow for a registrant to remove their profile at any time should they choose to no longer participate in the program.

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